Top 5 Rappers Who Started From the Bottom

Drake Started From the bottom

Every rapper has it rough on the come-up. In fact, a great majority of rappers who have succeeded came from almost nothing. These success stories are a great reminder to up-and-coming artists that the fight to the top can, and has been, won. And so, here are the top 5 rappers that started from the bottom.…

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The 7 Secrets Behind A Successful Album Release

Rihanan ANTI Album Release

If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Just kidding, it’s (almost) never too late.  Really though, if you’re reading this, chances are you either A: are about to release an album, B: just released an album and it’s still sitting in your apartment in a box, or C: are known as the “Peep My Mixtape, Fam”…

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Tru Life Released From Prison

Tru Life

Back to the Breakfast of Champions Rapper & Roc-A-Fella affiliate, Tru Life, is finally home from prison after a six-year incarceration. The news broke early morning April 26th after the New York City rapper made his presence known on social media. In videos first leaked via ItsBizkit, Tru Life is elated to be back home and even jokes about…

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Mac Miller’s “Headaches Migraines” Off Mixtape, “Smoke Till I’m Dead”

smoke till im dead

On 4/20, TreeJay and CLOCKWORKDJ released their annual hemp friendly mixtape, Smoke Till I’m Dead, which quickly blew up on The ode to tokin’ is a collection of songs featuring artists and producers such as Choo Jackson, Big Jerm, and Mac “Easy Mac” Miller as not only himself, but also as his producer alter ego,…

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5 Producers Out of Boston That You Should Know

Raw Beats from Boston

Despite being criminally slept on, Boston’s hip-hop scene is evolving rapidly and has talent to offer. Check out these five Boston-based producers, who make some of the best instrumentals in hip-hop right now: 1. The Arcitype The Arcitype has been in the game for a while. He played lead guitar in a blues band, called Tip Top Deluxe…

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