Kemba – The New Black Theory


One of the East Coast’s best independent rappers, Kemba released the powerful single “The New Black Theory” this week. Formerly known as YC the Cynic, Kemba now goes by his actual name only days after releasing the final project, The Farewell Tape, under his old moniker. The Bronx rapper my be part of the underground,…

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Jace Of Two9 Delivers New Video, “Midas”


Jace of Retro Su$h!, of Two-9 If you are unfamiliar with Jace, you should definitely get yourself situated with one of the best upcoming rappers to recently see some shine. Jace is part of a duo called Retro Su$h!, which is in turn part of a larger group called Two-9. The Atlanta rap group is signed…

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New Summertime Sadness from skywlkr

skywlkr rolling up some inspiration

Detroit producer skywlkr takes it to cloud nine with his new track “Emotions Thru Emojis”, packed with summer feels and heavy 808s. Although his name has not appeared on any major projects lately, you may remember skywlkr as the dude that made the strangest, almost grotesque beats for some of the songs on Danny Brown’s critically acclaimed XXX from 2011. Heavy-hitting “Blunt…

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6 Ways To Promote Yourself Using Twitter


The internet is home to countless tools for marketing yourself; so of course, Twitter is no exception. Though a specific artist can be viewed in-depth on personal websites and Facebook,  Twitter offers a unique way of bringing people to your music. This site for speedy posts and mass content viewers is a prime spot to gain recognition…

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Chance The Rapper Transcends On “Coloring Book”

Chance The Rapper Coloring Book

The first time that I stumbled upon shockingly engaging, counter-culture media was the Chancelor Bennett cover article for Complex. A lot has changed since the 2013 Complex cover and his trippy second mixtape, the aptly named Acid Rap. However, to properly look at Chancelor Bennett’s meteoric rise into hip-hop’s top tier, inhabited by Mr. Lamar,…

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