6 Ways To Promote Yourself Using Twitter


The internet is home to countless tools for marketing yourself; so of course, Twitter is no exception.

Though a specific artist can be viewed in-depth on personal websites and Facebook,  Twitter offers a unique way of bringing people to your music. This site for speedy posts and mass content viewers is a prime spot to gain recognition for any hip-hop artist. And so, here are 6 ways to promote yourself using Twitter.

1. Be Personable.


Although Azealia Banks seems to be gaining publicity from her Twitter outbursts on artists like Zayn and Beyonce, her popularity is hurting her fanbase and music career overall. Step one in having a successful brand is to be someone personable enough to earn some attention, and the same goes for Twitter. It’s okay for people to dislike you because of your music, but there should be absolutely no excuse for someone hating on you because of your social media. Give your Twitter followers an idea of the kind of person you are on a face-to-face level, even if you are not actually face-to-face. A personable artist makes for good publicity and likely will gain you both followers and fans over time.

2. Don’t Buy Followers.buying twitter followers

Although it may be a tempting and beneficial exchange, buying twitter followers can be a polarizing experience. And it can be especially apparent to Twitter users when followers are purchased—a simple check on the followers’ page will throw up a red flag. While some of your fans won’t really care how you get your followers, others may feel cheated or that the act is deceitful. And let’s face it, while hip-hop celebrities like Lil Wayne can afford to buy followers, your funds are better allocated elsewhere (especially in your music production). Make your followers list genuine and organic – a low number of real followers is better than a high number of fake ones.

3. Follow Your Followers.

Kanye West Thumbs Up

If someone has taken time out of their sporadic-Twitter binge to follow you, the least you can do is follow back. What this will do is build a better rapport with the smaller individuals and they will remain your follower, looking for more content (and not unfollow you in a week or so). Also, following others gives you an idea of what your fan base is looking for at any given time. You will be able to look at tweets from your fanbase and establish a dialogue with them online to find what they’re looking for.

4. Tweet Regularly.Twitter

While it’s no surprise that you should shoot out tweets often, it’s very important you tweet on a regular basis at roughly the same time of day. People—especially Twitter followers— crave stability in the simplest things and, if they enjoy your brand and content, they will want something similar at approximately the same time the next day.

5. Be Frequent with Links and Pictures.


According to informative sites like Forbes, links and pictures gain the most in re-tweets and user engagement—so it would make sense to use a lot of them. Just don’t overdo it. Spamming your Twitter followers with either links or pictures is a quick way to lose followers and more of your exterior fans. So make sure your use of the two is a healthy balance.

6. Take Your Time.


Start out small. Though it may seem like getting as many followers as you can in the shortest amount of time is the smartest business strategy, it really isn’t. Unless you are already globally popular, those following you will fall off faster than it takes you to log in. To do this, you must ensure that you are consistently talking with and getting close with your individual followers, even if you’re talking about things other than your own music. Some people want to like your personality before your music, so give them a reason to!

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