Action Bronson Barred From University Via Online Protest

Action Bronson University of George Washington students claim Action Bronson lyrics are misogynistic, trans-phobic and ultra-violent beyond the norm for rap.

Action BronsonApart from his overall violent lyrics, a specific song of Action Bronson’s, titled “Consensual Rape”, has drawn the ire of some the university’s students. The song in question details the graphic abuse of women and acts as a core to the petition which would end up taking Bronson from the school’s annual Spring Fling concert.

The popular online petition site,, was the platform on which the students acted, garnering 349 votes and causing the school’s board to remove the artist from the event. Immediately following the petition’s takeoff, a counter-petition was posted that embraced freedom of speech and the right to artful expression. Although it managed to exceed the original post with an intital overwhelming 500 students (now around 700), the board did not decide to reinstate Action Bronson for the concert.

In an extensive Facebook post aimed at the college students, Action Bronson himself addressed each issue that was presented in the original post and explained in-depth that his music was misconceived:

“Five years ago in 2011, I wrote a song called ‘Consensual Rape’ that admittedly contains lyrics and a general sentiment of violence towards woman which I never meant to represent who I am but rather to depict a story…I’ve never performed ‘Consensual Rape’ at a concert, and I don’t plan to.”

As well, Bronson tackled his assumed trans-phobic ideas by stating that he “has sat with members of the LGBT community recently in an effort to understand how to avoid being hurtful and insensitive towards these issues moving forward.” He added, “I have never had any issues with anyone’s sexual orientation or gender transitioning.”

The NYC rapper first rose to popularity in 2012 with his work with Odd Future member Domo Genesis and renowned producer The Alchemist, on the “Elimination Chamber” collaboration. Bronson is also known for being a gourmet chef, which he also applies to much of his lyrics. While it isn’t clear how he will be received following this publicity, Action Bronson stresses, “I’m far, far from perfect and I recognize my flaws and I’m making an effort to grow and be a better human.”

Check out Action Bronson on SoundCloud, or check out the controversial “Consensual Rape” below:

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