Former Amalgam Artist Joe Budden Disses Drake, Beef Erupts

The Love & Hip Hop: New York star and I’ll Name This Podcast host has been pushing out Drake disses, and the 6 God finally responds.

If you ask white girls at a college party if they like Drake, chances are, they will not hesitate to voice their adoration for him. However, our former artist Joe Budden has been trying to get people to like Drizzy a little less. Why, you ask?  He does not like to hold his opinions back, and he is no stranger to battling his opponents. For example, check out this compilation of some very fiery lines he spit in cyphers as well as this slightly outdated history of his beefs.

The situation with Drake started, when Joe Budden criticized VIEWS on his podcast. “I miss Drake that starts waves, not hops on others’ waves,” – proclaimed Joe, calling Drake a stagnant artist. When Drake released ‘4PM in Calabasas”, some people saw Drake’s allusions to the comments that Budden made on his podcast.

Taken from Joe Budden's Twitter

Taken from Joe Budden’s Twitter

Either way, Budden unleashed a dreadful storm of venomous bars towards the OVO boss on Araabmuzik-produced ‘Making a Murder Pt.1″ and “Wake”. Drake may or may not have very subtly responded to Budden on “No Shopping.” However, four hours after “No Shopping” came out, Budden dropped a new Drake diss, called “Afraid”, as well as some  memes about Drake on his Twitter.

Drake’s net worth is currently around 30 million USD, and he is arguably the most popular rapper on the planet. These diss tracks probably won’t damage his career drastically, but they are very beneficial to Budden. While we don’t know what Budden is trying to achieve by dissing Drake, his diss tracks clocked around a million listens on Soundcloud each. Budden has not had a hit song since 2003 (“Pump It Up”) and stirring controversy with Drake may be beginning of a comeback for Budden.

Budden himself told the media that he has been very hurt by Drake’s subliminal, because the two apparently used to be good pals and even smoked hookah together. But neither side of this beef is letting go, as Drake just stirred it up more by calling out Joe on stage in Dallas recently. This situation is getting a little heated, and we will see how it’s going to unfold in the nearest future.

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