Marv Mack – Golden Band-Aids (Review)

Marv Mack

From the production and sound engineering to the lyricism and flow, Marv Mack’s Golden Band-Aids is everything right with the current Philly rap game. Perhaps the greatest thing about this debut album is its ability to take both the seriousness of Marv Mack’s expressed hardships and balance them smartly with his playful delivery and voracious…

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ILoveMakonnen Drops Mixtape Red Trap Dragon

ILoveMakonnen Red Trap Dragon

  As the first major project to be released by  since ILoveMakonnen’s departure from OVO Sound, Red Trap Dragon should grow to define the rapper. ILoveMakonnen first gained relevance in hip-hop with his glitchy party anthem “Tuesday”, which was streamlined and mostly popularized by Drake. Since then, the two artists grew well apart which prompted…

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DJ Khaled – Major Key (Review)

DJ Khaled

Electric, formulaic, and star-studded—the DJ Khaled game is strong with this album, but will it live up to the legendary hype that it’s been given? There is a great deal of both good and bad on Major Key, though the majority of the tracks are catchy and addictive. In comparison to his earlier albums, Major Key…

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6 Ways To Promote Yourself Using Twitter

The internet is home to countless tools for marketing yourself; so of course, Twitter is no exception. Though a specific artist can be viewed in-depth on personal websites and Facebook,  Twitter offers a unique way of bringing people to your music. This site for speedy posts and mass content viewers is a prime spot to gain recognition…

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Kid Cudi Destroys Hopes For Anticipated MOTM 3

Kid Cudi

Fans are on the ropes as Kid Cudi vows the long-awaited Man on the Moon 3 will never exist. After years and albums filled with hype, the Man on the Moon trilogy will apparently never come to a full conclusion—per reports of the rapper Kid Cudi himself. But up until recently, fan hopes had been high.…

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