Top 5 Rappers Who Started From the Bottom

Drake Started From the bottom

Every rapper has it rough on the come-up. In fact, a great majority of rappers who have succeeded came from almost nothing. These success stories are a great reminder to up-and-coming artists that the fight to the top can, and has been, won. And so, here are the top 5 rappers that started from the bottom.…

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Birdman Storms Out of The Breakfast Club’s Interview

Birdman and Charlemagne

The members of The Breakfast Club were surprised Friday when Birdman, the rapper and CEO of Cash Money Records, hurled curses at the group and left during their show. What’s been plaguing the whole crew down at The Breakfast Club is what could have caused all of this? Well it could be one of many of things. For one, Charlemagne tha…

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Top 10 Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time


Since the beginning of rap, numerous releases have flooded the markets for quick listening. In the end, some of these rap albums stay, while most others leave, never becoming one of the most influential rap albums long-term. More than simply above-average, the albums on this list are historically relevant due to the great impact they’ve had on listeners…

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Review: Helper’s “Watch the Stove”

helper watch the throne

That’s right, Hamburger Helper, the ground-beef/pasta company, has released a mixtape to the public. That being said, the joke of this release would be a whole lot funnier if it was low quality. The thing is, this mixtape is tight. This isn’t the first time a multi-national corporation tried to dip its hands into other cultural…

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10 Ways to Use College to Elevate Your Rap Game

A college education is seldom talked about in the wide expanse of hip-hop, but college could be the right choice if you’re trying to step your game up. Artists like Kanye West, P. Diddy, Flavor Flav, Lil Wayne, and J.Cole have all gone to college and it hasn’t inhibited their success. And so, let’s take…

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