Burberry Perry Now TheGoodPerry

Burberry Perry

The right-hand man of rapper Lil Yachty has officially changed his name following a lawsuit from Burberry.

The British luxury brand recently filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta producer and hype man for copyright infringement. The company claimed that Perry, whose real name is Perry Moise, was using their logo and name to promote his personal brand. Burberry, which has been around since 1856, has a very strong case against Moise. His self-titled debut project cover art was a blatant rip-off of the classic Burberry logo, the equestrian knight and plaid print. The company does not want to mislead any customers into thinking that there is any connection between themselves and Moise.

Burberry Perry

The cover art that first brought upon the charges.

Reportedly, the luxury brand had sent Moise cease and desist letters. Moise proceeded to ignore all of them. Burberry had no other option than to pursue legal action. Lil Yachty, the Atlanta rapper that Moise is most closely associated with, admits that he came up with the name Burberry Perry. “PUT THE CUFFS ON ME I DID IT!”, he tweeted. Following the lawsuit, Moise decided to retire the use of the nickname Burberry Perry. From this point forward, TheGoodPerry will be his artist name.

He has already changed his name on social media to reflect the change. “I am no longer Burberry Perry,” he wrote on Instagram. “I am TheGoodPerry.” To celebrate the new phase of his career, Moise released a 90-second track titled “Blueberry” on his SoundCloud account.

Burberry Perry

Moise in “Wanna Be Us”, alongside Lil Yachty.

Moise’s debut EP has not been met with the same amount of media coverage that his friend Yachty’s debut, Lil Boat, received. It does, however, have strong listener numbers on SoundCloud, with the single “Beautiful Day” receiving nearly seven million listens since it dropped in May. Perhaps it is because it features the musical debut of Kylie Jenner, a move that nobody saw coming. The highlight of the tape, however, is the Moise and Yachty collaboration on the single “1500.” It will be interesting to see if they can recapture the popularity they realized on Yachty’s single “1 Night.”

Check out the latest Perry tracks on SoundCloud below including “Blueberry”:

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