Marv Mack – Golden Band-Aids (Review)

Marv Mack

From the production and sound engineering to the lyricism and flow, Marv Mack’s Golden Band-Aids is everything right with the current Philly rap game. Perhaps the greatest thing about this debut album is its ability to take both the seriousness of Marv Mack’s expressed hardships and balance them smartly with his playful delivery and voracious…

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DJ Khaled – Major Key (Review)

DJ Khaled

Electric, formulaic, and star-studded—the DJ Khaled game is strong with this album, but will it live up to the legendary hype that it’s been given? There is a great deal of both good and bad on Major Key, though the majority of the tracks are catchy and addictive. In comparison to his earlier albums, Major Key…

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Who is MC Bin Laden?

Meet the explosive Brazilian sensation whose unique vision helped him conquer the Portuguese-speaking Internet. The U.S. is surely next in line. It is no secret that foreign-language hip-hop has been more prominent than ever. These days, Future collaborates with French and Spanish-speaking rappers. “It G Ma”  – a Japanese/Korean rap song – was a huge hit in…

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Artist Spotlight: Gengis Don

Upcoming Boston-based producer talks upbringing, motivation and new album. Lyndon Harewood (AKA Gengis Don) has caught our attention with his soulful instrumental EP, About Time (attached above). His sound on the EP borrows from older instrumental hip-hop giants like J Dilla and 9th Wonder, but he adds a gentle touch of refinement and elegance to it. Now he has a…

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5 French Hip-Hop Songs You Should Know

French Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop is undeniably an American art form, but France is gunning for the top spot in the genre. Listen to these five bangers and see for yourself. SCH – Champs Élysées SCH sounds kinda like Travis Scott and Post Malone combined into one French-speaking artist. He was relatively unknown in France until last year, when he released…

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