Chuuwee Writes E-Book, Giving It Away To Fans For FREE!


ChuuweeThe kid is at it again. Chuuwee not only released a music video this month for his latest single, “Man Of My Word,” but now he’s giving back to his fans even more. The SXSW-featured Sacramento rapper penned his own E-book to help artists and fans interested in building their brand and value, and it’s now available.


In the book, “It Takes To Make,” Chuuwee talks about how he learned these lessons trying to make it as a performer in Sacramento, and explains how to apply these principles to your everyday grind to find success. The book spans branding topics, value creation and value capture, how to expand your income, and how to shape yourself into the person you want to be, by applying just eight simple principles. Giving a full book away to fans for free just to see them succeed? Chuu’s clearly putting in work for the people who’ve got his back.

Most of the time, you’d find that artists will give back to those who give to them, like how TIDAL has exclusive releases of albums like Rihanna’s ANTI only to their subscribers who support the artists. Not in this case, though. Chuuwee set his book free as a bird, and you can get it instantly here:

Seriously, check it out, and watch out for the kid’s upcoming album, Economics.

Rappers don’t write books every day, so cop it:

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