The Cool Kids Are Back in Hip-Hop

The Cool Kids

The Chicago duo, known as The Cool Kids, is reuniting after a seemingly permanent year-long hiatus.

In 2015, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks announced that their duo, The Cool Kids, was “never coming back”. At the time, they left their Shark Week album forever unreleased. Recently, however, that message has changed.

Chuck Inglish took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that the Cool Kids were indeed making a comeback. Inglish is extremely excited according to those tweets. The Subvert Agency, a Chicago-based advertising company, confirmed the return and released the following statement from Chuck Inglish:

download (1)“I called Mikey and realized nothing would feel better than us being the originators again. 
The Cool Kids are back for real. The hiatus is over. We missed being us.We refuse to let people down and not be the actual group. We been through too much. I can’t say I’ve felt more complete as an artist than to be back with my brother to give the world what we started. I’m not saying it to pump fake. I’ve felt incomplete. I needed to bring us back for our sanity, and to give you that feeling is golden. We really got the juice now too. Watch how we cook. Nothing else matters to me than us being fresh as fuck on em. We really felt like we hadn’t really finished what we started. They took our styles and ran off. We coming back for it all. Once I drop this album I just finished… We go to work ASAP. And Boldy is free. Everything is lining up.”

This should be great news for Cool Kids fans. The new project from the duo will be the first release from them since their 2011 album, When Fish Ride Bicycles. Since that project, Chuck Inglish has released three studio albums, including his 2016 project Ev Zeppelin. Sir Michael Rocks has been busy as well, releasing four mixtapes, two EPs and one studio album. You can
check out work from each of them below.

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