Cousin Stizz Goes To The Races With “500 Horses”

Boston’s biggest hope just debuted his newest banger.

It seems that 2016 is going to be a big year for the Bostonian, Cousin Stizz. He is embarking on an East Coast and his first-ever West Coast tour, and he is going to drop a new project, titled MONDA, in late summer. About two weeks ago, Stizz released “Coulda Been”, which was the first single off MONDA, and now he returns with a new song, called “500 Horses.”

It is produced by Lil Rich, who was credited on two songs of Cousin Stizz’s previous project, Suffolk County. Stizz steps it up and proves why he deserves to be called the nicest rapper in Boston right now. He bodies the heavy, slow, trap beat with a flow that is more sophisticated and technical than he has ever spit before, and reflects on his fast rise to prominence and the loss of his close ones, melancholically remarking, “Back in my city first thing I did was hit the cemetery.”

Although Stizz’ meteoric rise came with a cost, on this track he vows to never stop moving towards success and put on for the one-and-only Beantown.

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