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Cousin Stizz Monday

Cousin Stizz returns with a second full-length project MONDA, and it’s destined to be one of the best mixtapes in 2016.

This week, Cousin Stizz finally released a much-anticipated sophomore project. On MONDA, Stizzy returns in full force and improves all the strengths he exhibited on Suffolk County. Stizz knows how to make himself sound good and that’s why his mixtape formula is successful. Most of the producers on MONDA are his previous collaborators, who can match his style. Lil Rich, Tee-WaTT, Latrell James, DumDrumz, and Tedd Boyd provide slapping hypnotic trap beats that never seem to overpower Stizz’ calm voice and steady delivery. Musically though, there is more variety on MONDA than Suffolk County. Stizzy experiments with Autotune on ‘Million Things’ and goes more uptempo on ‘Down Like That’. He even has a song with Cardo (‘Every Season’), who worked with Taylor Gang and Mac Miller. Still, there is a clear vision here that is firmly cemented in this Stizz debut.

Cousin Stizz Monday

Stizz spits a lot of bars about his love for Boston, his lack of affection for easy femmes, hustling narcotics and smoking copious amounts of ‘dat fire’. Yet, he also displays a more brooding side. He shows remorse for his fallen friends and second thoughts about being famous. Songs like ‘500 Horses’ discusses the struggles he faces daily. In ‘Million Things’, Stizz opens up about the responsibility he feels for his friends and family. “I get more brain now, but it’s harder to think,” Stizz dryly raps, contemplating the duality of his rise. He stays humble, though. For example, he shouts out to Drake for that Instagram dance on ‘No Skrat’, rapping, “Started from the bottom now we here, pouring drank.”

Regardless of the obstacles, Stizz feels grateful for his hard work and all the blessings he has received. He promises to keep moving forward and put on for Boston. His brand of speaker-knocking smoking-dope music is bound to earn him some attention. This project and some more hard work can land Stizz on 2017 XXL Freshmen list, or even better.


Favorite Songs – ‘Down Like That’, ‘Big Fella’, ‘Gain Green’, ‘Where I Came From’.

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