Desiigner Drops ‘New English’ – Expands Internet Fame

The Brooklyn rapper has commanded the spotlight in recent weeks, immediately preceding his debut mixtape, “New English.”

The summer of 2016 has so far been the summer of “Panda.” Following the song’s sampling on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and its chart topping early in the year, Desiigner has been signed to West’s GOOD Music label and is realizing the fruits of his labor.

In June of this year, he was selected to join the 2016 XXL Freshman class, joining the likes of Lil Yachty, Dave East, Lil Uzi Vert and more. The selection was met with some criticism, as the artist had released only one song as opposed to his counterparts’ more developed catalogs. However, with the success of his debut single and the potential to produce more music of the same caliber, the decision had its justifications.


Earlier this week, Desiigner made more waves with the release of his Freshman freestyle. It initially received the relentless internet mocking and criticism that many viral videos do, due to its chant-like melody and seemingly indecipherable lyrics. The team over at Genius provided a translation for the freestyle, which depicted Nickelodeon cartoon, Timmy Turner ,”wishing for a burner.”

Despite the initially negative reception to the freestyle, Desiigner is still having a great time during the month of June. He was recently featured at the annual BET Awards, providing an animated performance which had him once again on the receiving end of the internet’s mocking treatment. A freeze-frame of the performance depicts a wildly flailing Desiigner walking and dancing through the crowd while a seemingly concerned Fabolous watches nearby. The image has circulated around the internet as a meme for the past few days.

To finish off his June, Desiigner released his debut mixtape, “New English.” It consists of 14 tracks, including Panda. Its initial reviews claim that the tape does not quite live up to expectations, receiving mixed to negative reviews from fans and critics alike. It is currently exclusive on Tidal, streaming only on the platform for the first 7 days of its release.

You can check out Desiigner’s freestyle below:



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