Dumbfoundead Releases “Safe”

Dumbfoundead Safe

The song and video serve as his response to whitewashing in Hollywood.

Following the 2016 Oscars and the #OscarsSoWhite movement, Korean-American rapper Jonathan Park has taken to music to express his thoughts on the subject. The Asian-American perspective had not been significantly discussed during the Oscars season, but Park has delivered a fantastic way to start that conversation. In a similar fashion to the recent trend of #StarringJohnCho, Park’s video imagines Hollywood blockbusters with an Asian-American lead.

The “Safe” video starts with Park playing the standard American father of a family of four. As the song continues, Park appears to play iconic white movie roles, including Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction, Tony Stark from Iron Man and Jack Dawson from Titanic. At its conclusion, the video reverts back to the initial family scene. Park’s fatherly character is removed from the film set, his role replaced by a smiling white man. The director claims that Park doesn’t have that “Hollywood star quality,” alluding to his race. The original post on Facebook was accompanied with an invitation for viewers to discuss their experiences or stories about the subject of whitewashing in their lives.

Park is most commonly known for his career in battle rap, and made waves when he returned to the battle stage in 2015 at the Drake and OVO-sponsored event: King of the Dot’s Blackout 5, versus fellow battler Conceited. The video has garnered over 4 million views since it was posted one year ago. You can check out both the battle and Park’s “Safe” video below.

Be prepared to see more from Dumbfoundead in the near future too, as he’s announced a new project to be released soon and is slated to be on 50 Cent’s show, Power, on Starz during the third season.

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