Kid Cudi Destroys Hopes For Anticipated MOTM 3

Kid Cudi

Kid CudiFans are on the ropes as Kid Cudi vows the long-awaited Man on the Moon 3 will never exist.

After years and albums filled with hype, the Man on the Moon trilogy will apparently never come to a full conclusion—per reports of the rapper Kid Cudi himself. But up until recently, fan hopes had been high.

Cudi had just released “All In” and “The Frequency,” with a similar sound which he hadn’t revisited since Indicud in 2013.  And Cudder had already expressed his want to move away from Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven’s more punk-rock style of music. So what could have caused this seemingly drastic measure to decry fans from some closure to the MOTM name? Well, from Cudi himself, it may have been the fans.

In a lengthy and explosive interview with Billboard, Kid Cudi voiced his outlook on rappers of the time, the commercial failure of his beloved Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, and the removal of Man on the Moon 3 from ever becoming more than a pipe dream. When asked how he felt about his fans’ lack of support for Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven, Cudi said, “[When an album doesn’t sell well] it makes you question yourself. As an artist, I’m always questioning myself. But this was the first time that I questioned my fan base and if I even have one at all. Who are these people?” This interviewer’s question seemed to set off Cudi as he continued on;

“That’s why whatever I do next will be free. And I don’t even feel obligated to do Man on the Moon 3 anymore. As of right now, people should just get that off their mind. That’s not ever going to happen. It’d be different if the first two were platinum. They’re not even platinum! Man on the Moon 1 is like 860,000 sold. It’s hanging on by a thread.”

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Toward the very end of the interview, Billboard asked what’s in store for Kid Cudi in 2016, he responded. “We’re trying to dominate the year. I’m really fed up about the questioning of my talent and musical abilities. I’m about to show motherf—rs what time it is. I’m not even at my peak.”  It’s clear that Cudi is completely fed up with fans and other rappers alike, and wants to prove himself as a prime contender in hip-hop. Though this is a tragic announcement for Cudi fans, the furious hunger that Kid Cudi is displaying should be an excitement. Even if MOTM is over, Kid Cudi is not over yet. From being a part of Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo alongside other prominent rappers and friends, to turning out singles, and to acting and writing scripts for movies, Kid Cudi is just getting started.

Check out Cudi’s newest tracks on SoundCloud below:


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