Top 5 Up-and-Coming Hip-Hop Artists from Seattle

Moor Gang

Showing growth in the face of rap, Seattle now boasts such acts as Macklemore, the Boom Bap Project, and DZ—but the city is just getting started.

Seattle is sometimes referred to as the birthplace of hip-hop due to its presence of pioneers Sir Mix-A-Lot and the Sugarhill Gang. Although, until recently, hip-hop has seemed to fall off the Seattle agenda. Once being completely dominated by the rock genre in the 80’s and 90’s, Seattle is now a breeding ground for widely diverse rappers. The following list details the best of the best that Seattle has to offer.

1. Dizzi Slick



While not exactly the same musician as his supposed namesake Slick Rick, Dizzy Slick has proved to be a good turn for the underground Seattle hip-hop scene. Dizzy has gained prominence by being featured on his other, and more popular, Seattle natives—most recently on the already-signed Mackned’s Celebrity Etiquette. With a sound and flow close to that of Odd Future’s Domo Genesis, Dizzy Slick is the answer to Seattle’s west-coast influences and an exciting alternative to any artist in the mainstream.

2. Raz Simone




The music of Raz Simone is R&B-Inspired and surprisingly distinct, with introspective lyrics and a soulful message. And although he has several full releases, Raz is still rather unknown in the scope of Seattle hip-hop and of course even lesser-known in the national eye. Raz represents one of Seattle’s finest musicians and, like Dizzy Slick, reflects the chilled nature of the west-coast rap. What Raz Simone lacks in exposure he makes up in his interestingly diverse sound and so is a main contributor in Seattle’s musical richness.


3. Jarv Dee




As the front-runner for Seattle’s most eclectic and talented rap group (known as Moor Gang), Jarv Dee has established a sort of all-encompassing standard for Seattle rappers that adds a most tolerant “do your thing” approach to music. This has come to greatly impact both his own sound and the sound of the group over which he heads. The result is an experimental, addictive, and highly-varied mixture, which is too rare to ignore.


4. Astro King Phoenix



Astro King Phoenix, or just simply AKP, is a Seattle-based rapper notable for his mix of trap and the psychedelic genre. These two different sounds come together to form a cosmic and still bumping result. After working closely with local talents, AKP has worked tirelessly to propel himself into the national market and manages to churn out track after track of his self-expression. AKP is yet another of the rappers on this list to represent a blend of musical prowess which continues to grow and define the patchwork style of Seattle hip-hop.


5. Royce the Choice




Aptly “the choice” when searching through Seattle’s up-and-coming talent, Royce the Choice is no doubt on the fringe of breaking out, especially when considering his various collaborations with the widely-known DJ Mustard. Royce’s rapid-fire style was first in the spotlight when featured on Mustard’s mixtape, “Ketchup.” Now sharing a fraction of the spotlight, Royce is relying on the strength of his music to carry him forward into future ventures.

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