Wiz Khalifa debuts new song and video, “So Much”

Wiz casually feeding a baby tiger in new video, "So Much"

Wiz Khalifa expresses love for his fans in new video, “So Much,” preparing them for his upcoming collaborative album release.

Wiz takes a puff while loungin' by the pool

Wiz takes a puff while loungin’ by the pool

Last Saturday, Wiz dropped a new song and video, “So Much,” which displays his life as anything but modest. Whether feeding a baby tiger, lounging by the pool, or riding ATVs with his boys in the middle of the desert, Wiz is continually smiling and grooving to the music.

This new, upbeat jam reps an old school, ‘80s flair – one that can make just about anyone vibe to the beat. In an effort to show appreciation towards his fans, he sings, “I got so much love for you,” of course referring to his Taylors.

Wiz acknowledges that he owes it to his fans for his success. After all, without his fans he probably wouldn’t be doing over-the-top activities like feeding tigers and whipping around ATVs in the deserts of Dubai. This is the purpose of the video – to show how far he’s come and his love for those who got him there.

With Rude Awakening, a new collaborative album with Juicy J expected to release June 3rd, fans can expect many more summer jams in the near future. But in the meantime, sit back and enjoy Wiz Khalifa’s newest hit, “So Much.”


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